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About us

Collaboration begins with a pre-implementation analysis that maps out the shape of the entire service and leads to a specification, work plan, and proposal. During the analysis we take into account your needs, expectations, goals and business processes. We confront the gathered information with the knowledge of our IT and UX specialists. We provide comprehensive pre-implementation analysis to shorten implementation time and minimize the risk of errors. We also ensure that the e-store we create is useful for users.

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About us

The backend base of your store is our own sales platform or another solution we’ll recommend during a free consultation for your business. We program the core of the system and develop it with the specific features you need to work efficiently and streamline your business’ processes. A well-designed e-store is a powerful backend software system that ensures timely and efficient order processing and optimal CMS operation.

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About us

We ensure a frontend layer that’s easy to navigate, provides quick access to your products, and delivers a compelling shopping experience. Frontend programming allows your site to be viewed on all devices, enabling useful site interactions and an effective purchase path.

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About us

We integrate your store with the systems identified in the pre-implementation analysis: ERP, payments, logistics, marketing or analytics tools. We can connect your store to any third-party systems you need to automate your sales process and accelerate the growth of your business.

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About us

We transfer data while ensuring sales continuity. We specialize in migrating entire websites and online stores, migrating data to new software, transferring data to cloud solutions and hybrid environments, creating backup systems, and archiving data. Store assortment, order history, user data, marketing content, as well as discount codes and loyalty program points – we prepare systems for migration based on key data. The entire process is monitored in real time to keep your data safe.

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About us

Your e-store goes through a whole series of functional tests (automated and manual). Any discrepancies are continuously corrected by our teams. Through integration, performance, and usability testing, we make sure the features work smoothly and your site is secure and scalable to ensure application reliability.

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It’s worth working with us

We’ll take care of your brand development

We care about the development of your brand. We've helped many clients in the fashion industry, but we develop software that grows the business regardless of the industry. We make the customer's journey through your store an exemplary designed experience.

A dedicated customer service consultant is always available and accessible

We understand the importance of responding quickly to changing trends or business conditions. We have dedicated project teams that solve specific problems quickly and efficiently.

We guarantee post-implementation consultation

We listen to your vision for the store and turn it into reality. We work in key areas: from designing a beautiful and user-friendly website, developing an online store, effectively driving traffic through online marketing efforts, to post-implementation optimization efforts. We always stay up to date with you.

We take care of continuous optimization

We know how to deliver a compelling shopping experience in every channel and on every device. Satisfied customers using our tools in an efficient way - that's our goal.

Our people for special tasks

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