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We support you in implementing your omnichannel strategy

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We support you in implementing your omnichannel strategy

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Omnichannel is a fully integrated approach to commerce that enables you to offer your customers a consistent shopping experience across all channels and touchpoints with your brand. We help you get the most out of systems that enable efficient management of pricing, offers and inventory. With our support, your customers will shop easily and conveniently – no matter where they are and what device they’re using.

Discover benefits

  • Uniform online and offline prices
  • Accessibility for users
  • Click&Collect
  • Easy complaints and returns
  • Various payment methods available
  • Data-driven approach for effective use of reports at every stage of the customer journey

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Jarosław Szot

E-commerce Director at Monnari Trade S.A.

The Monnari Trade S. A. capital group has been cooperating with Media4U since 2016 in the field of providing e-commerce solutions. In addition to the sales platform for our online stores emonnari. pl and femestage. com, our cooperation also includes advanced logistics, analytical and integration solutions while maintaining practically 100% reliability of the systems. Since the beginning of the partnership, we have been working on the Continuous Improvement model, jointly developing solutions aimed at implementing solutions that continuously improve efficiency, which in turn directly translates into continuous growth of the profitability of the e-commerce channel in Monnari. The key to our successful, long-term cooperation is a permanent, dedicated and very committed team of Media4U specialists. Together, we make every effort to fully understand our projects and their impact on other processes. Thanks to this, design sprints are created and implemented in such a way as to transform ideas into measurable value as effectively as possible. Although cooperation with IT providers always requires a lot of experience and due to its complexity, it is often not easy, I consider Media4U to be a solid, long-term solution provider for medium and large e-commerce projects.

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Marcin Mierzwiński

Partner in PAAN CAPITAL, Member of the Supervisory Board of KAN Sp. o. o. , owner of the TATUUM brand

In the era of pandemic restrictions, in response to rapidly growing sales in this channel, we faced the challenge of changing the online store to a more efficient and user-friendly one. Our clients are mostly women aged 30+, who by 2020 were usually shopping at the station. To meet the needs of our client, we wanted to create a space that would take care of the comfort of moving around the online store. Thanks to cooperation with Media4U agency, we have implemented modern solutions to improve this process. The website of the store is characterized by minimalism, which perfectly fits the character of our brand, and posted content and products are presented in a transparent way. We are happy to have experienced reliable cooperation, where understanding of business needs counts.

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