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Monnari is a Polish clothing brand with 20 years of tradition, created for women who appreciate elegance and timeless, feminine designs. A wide range of clothing, accessories and models from the Bags&Shoes line is available in 167 shops nationwide and in the online shop


Our collaboration with Monnari has been continuous since 2016. During this time, we’ve not only run Google Ads campaigns, but also jointly launched a new e-commerce platform. The new version was designed to make it easier to navigate the shop, streamline the shopping process and best meet the needs of mobile devices in order to improve online sales results. One of the main goals was also to increase the efficiency of order processing by supporting processes designed from the beginning and introducing support for electronic invoices.

What we did?

Monnari’s new e-shop was launched on 9 July 2018. In the refreshed version, we significantly improved the user shopping experience by introducing, among other things, advanced filters that make it easier to find the right product. We also adapted advertising campaigns. Thanks to a new subdivision of the categories in the shop, we were able to better match the keywords to the landing pages and increase the reach of the ads on mobile devices.

The e-commerce conversion rate increased by 58.2%, and thus the revenue of the entire store went up.

We compared the data for the same period in the current year and the year before. The new site significantly improved the store’s sales performance. The e-commerce conversion rate increased by 58.2%, and thus the revenue of the entire store went up. We also reported an 18% drop in the rejection rate.


  • 18% drop in rejection rate
  • 58.2% increase in e-commerce conversion rate
  • 75.7% revenue growth

The new e-store is tailored for mobile devices, bringing in new customers who prefer to shop using their phones. The refreshed site resulted in a 24.8% rise in the share of people using mobile devices, which translated into increased revenue for the store.


  • 14.5 % drop in rejection rate
  • 66.7% increase in e-commerce conversion rate
  • 170.4% revenue growth

The change in the online store platform also had a significant impact on advertising campaigns. The new site structure caused the e-commerce conversion rate to increase by 66.7%, which basically means that it facilitated customers to complete transactions more efficiently after switching from sponsored content.


  • 90% increase in e-commerce conversion rate
  • 24.8% increase in the share of users using mobile phones
  • 125.4% revenue growth

We’ve built an effective relationship

Jarosław Szot

E-commerce Director at Monnari Trade S.A.

The Monnari Trade S. A. capital group has been cooperating with Media4U since 2016 in the field of providing e-commerce solutions. In addition to the sales platform for our online stores emonnari. pl and femestage. com, our cooperation also includes advanced logistics, analytical and integration solutions while maintaining practically 100% reliability of the systems. Since the beginning of the partnership, we have been working on the Continuous Improvement model, jointly developing solutions aimed at implementing solutions that continuously improve efficiency, which in turn directly translates into continuous growth of the profitability of the e-commerce channel in Monnari. The key to our successful, long-term cooperation is a permanent, dedicated and very committed team of Media4U specialists. Together, we make every effort to fully understand our projects and their impact on other processes. Thanks to this, design sprints are created and implemented in such a way as to transform ideas into measurable value as effectively as possible. Although cooperation with IT providers always requires a lot of experience and due to its complexity, it is often not easy, I consider Media4U to be a solid, long-term solution provider for medium and large e-commerce projects.


drop in rejection rate


increase in e-commerce conversion rate


revenue growth

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