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We create B2B platforms for the years to come

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We create B2B platforms for the years to come

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We design and implement sophisticated B2B solutions. We’ve already implemented online platforms with up to 400,000 products integrated with multiple ERP systems. By leveraging the best practices we’ve been using in online stores for years, we provide a modern sales solution for distributors, wholesalers and manufacturers. Find out that a B2B platform can be as intuitive as an online store.

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  • We automate your business
  • We integrate warehouse and accounting systems
  • We provide intuitive solutions
  • Your offer is always available and accessible
  • You display offers that are intended for every user
  • Customers always buy cheap for your business thanks to minimum order quantities
  • You meet customer expectations with trade credit
  • You always have invoices and statements at your fingertips in a useful CMS panel

FAQ B2B e-commerce platforms

How long does it take to launch a B2B platform?

Launching a B2B platform takes from a few to several months. This time depends on various factors:
1. Pre-implementation analysis
The process of launching the platform should be preceded by a pre-implementation analysis. Depending on the complexity and level of advancement of the IT solutions necessary to be implemented to support business processes, the time of its implementation may range from a few to several weeks.
2. Dedicated system or generally available e-commerce software
Depending on the fact whether you choose a dedicated, “tailor-made” solution for your business or business, we will “adjust” it to the e-commerce platforms available on the market, it may affect the preparation time of the B2B website
3. Product offer
The greater the product offer on the website and the need to parameterize and target it for different customer groups, the greater the need to implement more complex mechanisms. An example can be various types of product configurators or tools for their personalization (e.g. colors, individual graphic elements). Undoubtedly, this will extend the service implementation time. A wide range of products also means the need to take into account possible complex integrations of the website with other IT systems, such as ERP, WMS or PIM.
4. Sales and customer service policy
The level of complexity of the sales policy planned for B2B customers may also extend the implementation time. These include personalized price lists, discount systems and loyalty programs.
5. Domestic/foreign market
Handling B2B sales on foreign markets is an additional element affecting the time of service implementation. In the case of foreign sales, it will be necessary to take into account the specifics of the markets regarding, for example, language versions, fiscal regulations, logistics, payment and delivery services.

How much does it cost to create a B2B platform?

The cost of implementing a B2B platform can range from a dozen to several hundred thousand zlotys. This cost depends on the factors that also affect the implementation time and are listed in the previous point.

What software to choose to create a B2B platform?

If you care about handling various complex processes specific to your industry/business, we suggest implementing a dedicated solution. It is also possible to launch a B2B service on e-commerce platforms available on the market (e.g. Shopware). The choice depends on whether you already have a website (dedicated or generally available), whether you want to expand or replace it, and what business processes are to be mapped in it.

Can I make changes to the design of the B2B platform?

The implementation of a B2B website is often preceded by a pre-implementation analysis. At this stage, together with you, we determine the assumptions for the operation of the website and the method of implementation. Optimal implementation of the website assumes that it will be performed according to established and confirmed assumptions. Introducing significant changes during the implementation is possible, but it can complicate, prolong and, as a result, increase the implementation costs.

Can I make changes to the B2B platform? I want a tool that I can use for years.

Introducing changes to the website is an essential element of its “life”. The website should be adapted to the changing requirements of the market, customers or regulations. An important element is its modernization, carrying out works aimed at eliminating technological debt or making necessary updates, e.g. in the field of security or information technology. The above-mentioned works are usually carried out as part of the so-called post-implementation contracts.

I have a website. Do I need a B2B platform?

The decision to separate sales into the B2C and B2B channels is up to you, depending on whether the B2B form of sales will apply to the offered assortment or the profile of the company. If:
– there are intermediaries among your potential or current customers who will further resell the goods,
– the potential of the volume of products sold and logistic capabilities allow for such a form of sales,
– you are currently running such sales, but outside the online channel
it is certainly worth introducing the B2B platform as a tool to expand the portfolio of clients and streamline current processes.

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Michał Janiak


Together with Media4U, we have created a completely new B2B e-commerce platform from scratch. We needed a store where we could automate sales processes and additionally facilitate the process of processing orders. We achieved our goal by adapting the store’s CMS to our needs and integrating it with the ERP system. Cooperation with Media4u allows us to develop continuously – we appreciate sharing our expertise and responding quickly to our needs. We are satisfied and recommend cooperation to all who want to scale their business.

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Marcin Mierzwiński

Partner in PAAN CAPITAL, Member of the Supervisory Board of KAN Sp. o. o. , owner of the TATUUM brand

In the era of pandemic restrictions, in response to rapidly growing sales in this channel, we faced the challenge of changing the online store to a more efficient and user-friendly one. Our clients are mostly women aged 30+, who by 2020 were usually shopping at the station. To meet the needs of our client, we wanted to create a space that would take care of the comfort of moving around the online store. Thanks to cooperation with Media4U agency, we have implemented modern solutions to improve this process. The website of the store is characterized by minimalism, which perfectly fits the character of our brand, and posted content and products are presented in a transparent way. We are happy to have experienced reliable cooperation, where understanding of business needs counts.

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