We created a new, dedicated e-commerce platform from the ground up that leverages the potential of omnichannel. The mobile and desktop sites form a cohesive shopping world.


One of the biggest challenges for the TATUUM brand in 2020 was the temporary shift of all sales to the online channel. This was a particularly difficult task, as some of the brand’s most active customers are mature women who’d never shopped online before the COVID-19 pandemic. The brand’s main goal was to make shopping through the online channel as easy as possible – so that people who don’t feel confident online can use it. At the same time, TATUUM wanted to target a completely new customer with a different shopping profile. The new platform/e-commerce developed from scratch and based on the Cartalo engine makes shopping fast and easy.

What we did?

The website is designed in the style of minimalism. The design focused on the usability of the store for customers, so the main attention was paid to the optimization of navigation. The website uses a 100% screen view. With the homepage view management module, you can easily handle the content that appears on the store’s page. Besides, you can effortlessly change the page layouts and prepare templates with the appropriate banner sections.

On the home page, you can use product frames that direct customers to the given product page. They allow users to immediately find new releases or products that have caught their interest.

To make it easier for customers to use the e-store and make purchasing decisions, a system of clear product identification was introduced:

  • flags (allow you to determine to which group the product belongs, for example, NEW, Mid-Season Sale, OCCASION)
  • flashcards (highlight important product features), for example, Full shape, 100% Natural Fiber, CareMore, TATUUM Icon
  • labels (highlight additional features, for example, ORIGINAL PRINT, RECYCLED POLYESTER, ECOVERO, 100% LINEN, POLISH PRODUCTION

We also took care of the UX

The design of the TATUUM website alludes to one of the brand’s core values – naturalness. The brand shares information about how it designs its clothing and highlights its values with a delicate, minimalist and refined layout.

One of the most important improvements of the brand’s new e-commerce site is a clean, functional and esthetically pleasing mobile version. Thanks to the use of PWA technology for multiple browsers, the new website feels like a native mobile application. A customer who adds a link to tatuum.com to their smartphone screen can walk through the store and browse the offer even if their Internet connection is interrupted.

The category page is structured to best suit the customer’s needs and make it easy for them to choose and buy:

  • product images are displayed in large bins
  • each product is already pre-described on the category page
  • the customer can decide if they prefer to see more or less products in a row (choose a layout with 3 or 4 products in a row)
  • the buttons for filtering and sorting are big enough for mobile users
  • purchases can be made directly at the category level in both the mobile and desktop versions of the website

We’ve built and effective relationship

Marcin Mierzwiński

Partner in PAAN CAPITAL, Member of the Supervisory Board of KAN Sp. o. o. , owner of the TATUUM brand

In the era of pandemic restrictions, in response to rapidly growing sales in this channel, we faced the challenge of changing the online store to a more efficient and user-friendly one. Our clients are mostly women aged 30+, who by 2020 were usually shopping at the station. To meet the needs of our client, we wanted to create a space that would take care of the comfort of moving around the online store. Thanks to cooperation with Media4U agency, we have implemented modern solutions to improve this process. The website of the store is characterized by minimalism, which perfectly fits the character of our brand, and posted content and products are presented in a transparent way. We are happy to have experienced reliable cooperation, where understanding of business needs counts.


increase in the number of users in the period 1. 04. 2020 – 31. 03. 2021
compared to the same period in previous years


increase in sales value in the period 1. 04. 2020 – 31. 03. 2021
compared to the same period in previous years


increase in the number of units sold in the period 1. 04. 2020 – 31. 03. 2021
compared to the same period in previous years

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