B2B and B2C platforms based on Shopware 6

We implement e-commerce systems for large and medium companies.

B2B and B2C platforms based on Shopware 6

Why Shopware?

B2B and B2C platforms based on Shopware 6

We are a certified Shopware partner.

With us, switching e-commerce platforms is a breeze. We create good shopping experiences in both B2B and B2C sectors.



Shopware is the perfect solution to support sales and business relationships for medium and large B2B and B2C companies. It’s simple. You choose the package that best fits the current needs of your business. In the future, you can expand it to develop even more. You have our full support!

Why Shopware?

  • With Shopware you can start selling overseas at any time.
  • The tool offers more than 3,400 ready-made modules.
  • The intuitive administration panel makes it easy to create content and manage different display options, depending on the sales channels you choose.
  • Shopware becomes your command center, allowing you to use social media, websites or apps, as well as marketplaces like Amazon and eBay.
  • Create unique content for users with Shopping Experiences.
  • Customize the store to your customers’ individual situation by adjusting payment methods or shipping costs.
  • Operate effectively in B2B with easy management of quotes, price lists, importing orders or controlling roles and permissions.
  • Connect your online store with the right suppliers in Poland or foreign markets.

Shopware features and functionalities


Shopware allows you to manage different sales channels from one panel. The options integrated in the panel include Facebook Marketplace, Instagram Marketplace, Voice Commerce and Google Shopping.

With the Sales Channels feature, you can manage the sale of your services or products in multiple places. It’s important that each channel offers a different range of products or services and works in different currencies and languages.


Shopware stores are configured by default to sell easily in foreign markets. Solutions offered by the platform include country-specific, multilingual, and multicurrency customizations, as well as configuration of pricing policies and tax calculations for specific markets.


Shopware comes with a number of features that allow you to optimize your store for search engines. Extended descriptions, meta tags, canonical tags and breadcrumbs are just some of them. It’s important to remember that ‘friendly’ links, i.e. properly created URLs, also affect a website’s ranking in Google. Shopware 6 includes a mechanism that facilitates the configuration of these links. It’s also possible to set alternative descriptions and captions for photos at the panel level.


With its API-first approach, Shopware provides businesses with the technological foundation to seamlessly integrate their store with various channels such as mobile apps, commerce platforms and payment gateways. Moreover, you can connect your store to external systems such as ERP, PIM, and CRM and view all operations from a central platform.


PWA offers the possibility to create websites in an efficient way, adapted to the needs of mobile device users. It’s an evolution of responsive website technology. Shopware PWA uses modern networking features to provide an even better user experience.

What does an e-commerce implementation based on Shopware look like?

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At this stage we will meet with you and listen to what you expect from your new e-shop. Then our team will analyze your needs and consider which solutions will be most beneficial for your business and determine the requirements for implementation.


Based on the analysis, we prepare a valuation. We are transparent, so we will present you all the components of our offer, so that you know exactly what the final price is.


We will create a document detailing the scope of implementation, describing and taking into account all the needs we heard during the initial analysis phase. The specification includes a description related to the appearance of the website, the operation of individual mechanisms and integration.


We like to have everything planned, probably you too. That is why we will divide individual works into stages, so that you know exactly what we do and what we will need from you at a given moment.


We already know how the service will look and work, we agree on the price, so it’s time to complete the formalities. This is the stage of negotiating the terms of the agreement and establishing the terms of cooperation. Once we sign the deal, we can move forward.


This is the most anticipated part of the project - the implementation of the service. We implement the specifications, and we also take care of your training with the new system. Everything to make it easy and enjoyable to use. Ready!


Your benefits

A flexible solution

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to use tool

Appealing templates

for creating unique product presentations

Continuous development

of e-commerce through new features

It’s worth trusting us

Our customers appreciate the results


Dorota Olechnowska

Registered Toolsmarket Representative

Media4U Agency is defined by partnership and professionalism. In our cooperation, we wanted to build an e-commerce platform quickly and efficiently. Thanks to the Shopware solution, our online store was created in four months. The implemented functionalities are simple and easy to use, which is what we care about the most. At each stage of the project, specialists worked with us on the implementation details. Thanks to this, we achieved the intended effect. We recommend cooperation with the Media4U agency, which puts the client's needs first.

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