Google Ads audit

We give tips on how to use your Google ad budget better.

Your e-store can sell more

What are we doing?

Your e-store can sell more

We suggest how you can improve your advertising activities.

We look at your business from a different angle. We recommend out-of-the-box solutions to make your e-store sell effectively and attract new customers.

What are we doing?

  • We thoroughly analyze your previous Google Ads activities
  • We check if your account is configured correctly
  • We check if your account is using the latest solutions offered by Google
  • We analyze campaign settings, including rate strategies, campaigns, ad groups, keywords, ad texts, and conversions
  • We create a report with conclusions, a list of possible errors, and sample suggestions for implementing new actions

Your advantages

Allocation of the budget


Take advantage

of all advertising

Improve the quality

of the campaigns

Verify that existing

are having an impact

It’s worth trusting us

Our customers appreciate the results

Mateusz Piętak


Thanks to the recommendation of Media4U, we have increased the budget by almost half, feeding underfunded product campaigns. The agency’s specialists ensure that Google Ads ads use the latest advertising formats and solutions recommended by Google, and then successively optimize the campaign based on the best converting target groups. As a result, we achieved ROAS of 2100%. I am pleased that thanks to the support of Media4U we can develop our business and reach new customers. I strongly recommend Media4U as a trustworthy partner.


Marcin Świerczyński

General Director

We are very pleased with the cooperation. The conversion results obtained are surprisingly good, and flexible and unconventional approach to the client makes our cooperation work for years. I can recommend with a clear conscience.


Nasi Klienci

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