More phone calls with Google Ads. Since 2019, we have been conducting Google Ads activities for Castlock, adapting them to changes in the structure of the offer.

Castlock is a company from Łódź, dealing with the sale and installation services of exterior, interior and entrance doors. It also offers other products such as windows, blinds and gates. The brand stands out for its professional advice and constantly expands its range, adapting to the current market and customer needs.


Castlock’s needs have changed dynamically over the past three years.

Starting in 2019, the client wanted to increase user traffic on the website and encourage them to download catalogues with door offerings from the brands they sell.

In the second half of 2021, Castlock expanded its offer to include the sale and installation of PVC windows. This required further advertising activities that would raise brand awareness on the local market. Over time, the client wanted to increase the number of phone calls and requests for free quotations.

In 2022, Castlock decided to launch another product external blinds. In this case, the campaign also aimed to make calls and fill out a form with a free quote.

What we did

Search campaigns are the basis of Castlock’s activities. Castlock has wooden, steel, interior or exterior doors of top brands in its offer, so it was important to find users searching for doors by different keywords related to the material from which they were made, brand and purpose.

In addition to text campaigns in the search network, graphic campaigns in the form of remarketing and display campaigns were used. Remarketing included extensive lists of users who interacted with the site and viewed specific services. In addition to remarketing lists, we directed ads to people closely interested in installing doors.

An important element of current graphic campaigns are regularly changing promotions, e. g. for the installation of discounted doors, which are constantly advertised.

Expanding the offer by selling and installing PVC windows required increasing the budget and creating a search network campaign with ads directing to the offer with windows. The main goal of the campaign promoting windows was to get phone calls and requests for free quotations.

In April 2022, we expanded our advertising activities with another product outdoor blinds. In this case, the campaign also aims to make phone calls and fill out a form with a free quote.

One of the most important changes that have been made to the account over the past few months has been the launch of the Performace Max campaign. The new campaign type allows advertisers to appear across the Google network, including search, ad, Gmail, Youtube, Google Maps and Discover tabs. Performance Max campaigns are controversial because they are fully automatic, but for Castlock, they work flawlessly. By adding all possible resources to this campaign and taking care of the highest effectiveness of advertising, we have achieved a low cost of conversion and CPC.


The ongoing Google Ads activities have yielded the expected results. Expanding the offer in the second half of 2021, telephone calls increased in the first month of the campaign. In the following months, more and more calls appeared. Below is a chart showing changes in telephone calls over the year (VII 2021 – VII 2022):

Currently, the Castlock brand is one of the most recognizable brands on the Lodz market and thanks to Google Ads campaigns, it receives dozens of phone calls and dozens of sent forms with a quote request. We don’t just limit ourselves to proven activities, but we also test new opportunities offered by Google to keep up with current trends.

We’ve built an effective relationship

Marcin Świerczyński

General Director

We are very pleased with the cooperation. The conversion results obtained are surprisingly good, and flexible and unconventional approach to the client makes our cooperation work for years. I can recommend with a clear conscience.


this is how the number of phone calls increased during the first month of the campaign


record increase in calls in January 2022 compared to the first month of the campaign


after launching the Performance Max campaign, we doubled the number of conversions and phone calls

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