Agio Milano

B2C store The concept for the Agio brand was conceived in Milan, Italy.

To distinguish this Italian fashion capital, the makers of Agio underwear and lingerie used Milano as a brand name. The designers drew their inspiration from their numerous travels in Italy, but it was Milan that played the most important role during the creation of this unique lingerie. The Italian city continues to inspire Agio lingerie designers, who create top-quality products inspired by global trends. Agio’s exclusive underwear is made from carefully selected materials (including Italian).


The concept that guided us in planning our goals was to prepare a site adapted to operate effectively on mobile devices. The new site was to replace the existing company website and store. In addition, the site was intended to use modern product presentation, which significantly affects the customers’ shopping experience.

What we did?



The new sales platform was developed using our proprietary and highly flexible online store management system. Its modular design allowed us to introduce numerous customized solutions, tailored to the needs of the Agio store.




Together with the customer, we developed a concept for two-way exchange of product, order and inventory data between the CMS and the WFMAG accounting and warehouse system used by Agio for order processing and shipping.

We created an efficient mechanism to optimize the company’s processes.

Moreover, the store’s system was integrated with a mailing system – Freshmail. The new Agio site is maintained on Media4U’s servers, so it’s constantly monitored for performance. Cluster solutions provide a guarantee of website availability at the highest level. We launched the new Agio site in October 2016. A website that fulfils the following assumptions was created:

  • dedicated and flexible CMS
  • proper site display on mobile devices
  • product offering management
  • preparation of the store so that it allows integration with external systems such as WFMAG