blue shadow

Social media campaign “Be an inspiration, not a competition”.

blue shadow is a Polish manufacturer of women’s fashion, which creates an offer of clothes for women in all sizes. The need to raise social awareness, in line with the prevailing “body positive” movement, resulted in an image campaign. Our cooperation was based on the promotion of finished material through channels: YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.


blue shadow wanted to build the image of a confident woman who accepts herself and diversity in the world around her. The goal was to point out that there is no such thing as a “canon of beauty”, “perfect appearance”, or “a recipe for how to look perfect”. The campaign was to focus not only on plus size, but on making every size right. She was also supposed to oppose the current standards of beauty created by the media message.

What we did

Cooperation with the “Blue Shadow” brand concerned the effective promotion of content delivered to the network. To this end, we have used the potential of promotional activities on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

The target group of the message were women aged 25-65+, who are interested in the subject of body positivity and follow the profiles of top models online.

We promoted the manifesto and interviews with models on YouTube. The interviews were divided into five separate stories.

The activities on Facebook and Instagram focused on the competition, which aimed to involve clients and fans of building the “beauty beyond” community. Women have shown that there is beauty without borders and it is possible in the real world.

The campaign was nominated in the e-Commerce Polska Awards 2021 competition in the category “Best campaign – promotional idea of the year”.


The reach and reactions of users to the campaign brought the expected result.

The results we have achieved with a small budget:

  • Over 9,000 views of the video on YouTube
  • Over 44,000 views of video ads on YouTube
  • 28 000 users watched interviews with models
  • The reach of the contest post was 23,000 and reached 38,000 views
  • Video post with the manifesto gained nearly 270 000 views and more than 110 000 reach on Facebook

Built a long lasting relationship

Sara & Roma Barna

co-founders of blue shadow

We prepared the project “Beauty Beyond” for many months, often postponing the date of the “premiere” because the idea changed and “matured” together with us. In the end, however, we managed to create and transmit this elusive “something” that came 100% from our hearts and minds. All the more we are happy and proud that BB has received such a warm reception. Many people worked behind the scenes on the project, each of whom contributed a part of themselves. The success of the campaign and such a large and positive reception would not have been possible without the work of the Media4U agency, which took great care to ensure that the project was visible online and reached as many people as possible. We are grateful to Media4U for its commitment, creativity and consistency in action. We are glad that we have taken up this difficult challenge of facing the perception of beauty in our interesting but very demanding times. We are looking forward to the next releases and cooperation with the agency.


video ad impressions on YouTube


views of a post with a manifest on Facebook


users have watched videos with models on YouTube

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