The revolutionary approach to customizing wholesale orders.


Before we started cooperating with R-GOL, the client was already selling online, simultaneously utilizing an online store for retail customers, R-GOL.com, a separate B2B platform, and a platform for professionals, R-GOL.pro. Additionally, a blog, R-GOL.info, was also being maintained. Due to the continuous sales growth, new e-commerce solutions were needed, and the current store needed more time to be ready for such scaling. The store’s graphic design also needed a refresh to reflect the R-GOL community – modern and engaging.

At the same time, the extensive store offering required a maximally clear content architecture. Automation of order processing, returns, and complaints handling processes was also crucial, along with enhancing the functional part of the service with new solutions, shortening the purchasing path, and facilitating shopping – both in desktop and mobile versions.

What we did?



For the needs of academies and football clubs, we have created a unique platform called R-GOL.club.

From now on, almost single-handedly, the client can ensure that the entire team has everything needed for training and playing matches. In R-GOL.club, football kits in various variations can be created from one product card. This is a breakthrough solution that facilitates the implementation of complex orders. Additionally, we have introduced the option to simultaneously sign up for notifications about the availability of multiple product variations.

The R-GOL.club store ensures work efficiency through integration with the ERP system – Streamsoft Verto. We have provided store customers with an easy way to view their logistics terms (credit limit, logistics minimum, individual price lists) fully automated with ERP.

The mobile and desktop versions of R-GOL.club form a cohesive world of football shopping. The site layouts keep the customer in the same atmosphere, and the availability of all functionalities, products, and service offerings allows for the use of devices interchangeably, with the highest level of usability and shopping satisfaction.





R-GOL.com was supposed to provide customers with the option to customize products. For this purpose, we prepared an easy-to-use solution for product personalization by adding prints and embroideries, allowing users to create custom products. Importantly, we developed an original personalization solution called R-ID, which enables ordering clothes from selected sports clubs, incorporating the chosen team’s original and licensed font and emblems. Each such product can be enriched with one’s own name or nickname and a chosen number.


One solution, many possibilities (Cartalo)



On our proprietary Cartalo engine, we built a new e-store, R-GOL.com and the R-GOL.club platform (B2T) from scratch. Based on it, a user-friendly CMS system allows managing each platform. The system is ready for integration and expansion with additional features as new needs arise. Thanks to the Cartalo platform, R-GOL.com has access to modules tailored to the needs of growing sales, such as additional language versions or advanced marketing tools, including integration with email marketing tools.

Furthermore, the R-GOL.com platform is enhanced with three different search engines. Engines can be turned on and off for each application and language version, giving R-GOL.com customers a wide range of product search and filtering options.