We’ve been collaborating with the Bonprix brand for more than 20 years. Since the beginning, we’ve been steadily developing an e-commerce platform that operates in 10 countries.


Selling online on such a large scale is a challenge for the Bonprix brand. As a leader in the apparel market, the company needs to ensure efficient operations in each country, taking into account market conditions, different currencies and multiple language versions. The new platform should enable the implementation and development of new features of the website, its expansion and the expansion of the shop offer. Integration with Digistyle – a central product management system – should automate the entry of new products into the online offer and provide shop users with more information.

What we did

Bonprix’s first platform required a redesign and refactoring of the code. We developed solutions that complied with the standards of OTTO as well as those of other foreign Bonprix websites, together with the introduction of advanced integrations and new functionalities.

The project also included data migration, designing new views of the website, creating translations for the website, writing SEO-friendly texts, developing methods to migrate the current product database and categories to the new shop engine, and much more.

Gradually, we transferred and implemented the project in all countries of the Polish group. The Polish shop was the first to be unveiled.

The Bonprix Poland platform ranked in the top 10 in a ranking of the fastest online stores on Black Friday 2019.

We observed users’ reactions when the first comments about the new platform appeared on Bonprix’s Facebook fan page – the stakes were high. The platform offered completely new functions and required customers to familiarize themselves with the new website. In July 2013, we completed the migration of all websites to the new platform. Since then, we’ve continued to work with the client, providing extensive follow-up, support and implementation of the new features. In a ranking of the fastest online shops on Black Friday 2019, Bonprix Poland’s platform landed in the top 10.


The following e-commerce platforms were developed from scratch and are managed by Media4U on behalf of the Otto Group (owner of the BONPRIX brand):

  • Bonprix Poland
  • Bonprix Bulgaria
  • Bonprix Greece
  • Bonprix Cyprus
  • Bonprix Romania
  • Bonprix Ukraine
  • Bonprix Slovakia
  • Bonprix Hungary
  • Bonprix Spain

Functionalities and post-implementation support

  • Implementation of e-commerce platforms
  • Support for products in the database: approx. 32,000
  • Implementation of new functions in the shop every 2-3 weeks
  • Supervision of the operation of integrations and their development (ERP, payments, couriers, newsletters)
  • Creation of all banners for the shop and advertising campaigns (external and internal), including social media / influencers
  • Creative concepts for advertising campaigns and mailings
  • Design for print
  • Hosting and maintenance
  • 24/7 monitoring and support
  • Technical and post-implementation support for further business objectives

We’ve built an effective relationship

Maja Biernacka

Marketing Manager at bonprix

We have been cooperating with Media4U since 2000, such a long cooperation is sufficient recommendation, due to the fact that bonprix is the leader in its category. During all these years, all activities were carried out very efficiently, which resulted in extensive cooperation on many levels and the creation of an e-commerce platform for 6 countries. Media4U stands out for its professionalism and high quality of work. Thanks to flexibility and appropriate competences, regardless of scale, Media4U provides solutions that guarantee the expected results. We can certainly consider Media4U as a trustworthy partner.


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