Campaign optimization


An important element of the campaign optimization carried out was to reduce the cost of conversion compared to the previous year.

What we did?

We conducted a regular analysis of keywords and their costs to exclude phrases that generate high costs with little revenue. We tested various rate-setting strategies, selected appropriate rate levels and modified customer groups. We carried out analytical activities, on the basis of which we also made changes at the level of campaigns, monitored the results and reacted to undesirable deviations. Furthermore, in creating the types of campaigns, we used the latest solutions offered by Google, among others the smart product campaign and the smart ad network campaign, both of which yielded particularly good results.

We took care of UX


By optimizing the campaign, we achieved the goal set and were able to reduce the cost of conversion by 26.4% within a year, which means that we generated significantly more conversions within the same budget. This made a huge difference, as paid traffic currently accounts for 40% of all transactions generated by the store.

  • Compared to the previous year,
  • Conversion cost decreased by more than ¼
  • The number of conversions doubled
  • The number of clicks doubled