Your Google Ads campaign needs to get a reach. Think about where to look for mistakes and how to avoid them in the future. In the post below, our experts explain what you can do to improve the effectiveness of your campaign.


Where to define campaign problem?


Marta Cieślak – Szpecińska, SEM Team Leader:

Answer a few key questions before using Google Ads in your advertising efforts.


How long does your Google Ads campaign take and when can you see the effects of your ad campaign?

If your brand is new to the market and you want to build its recognition, the first weeks after the advertising campaign launch usually will not generate sales. Prepare for a long-term process of change.

Among new customers, you need to inspire trust. Take care of SEO issues, social media presence and feedback from people who have already purchased your product. All these aspects will build your position in the market and contribute to increasing ad sales over time.


Do you have correctly configured conversions and analytics tools?

Many times in my work, I have encountered situations when a client came to us convinced that Google Ads campaigns are not worth investing in. Usually, its conviction stemmed from past activities that brought any effect. In practice, online sales were doing very well. However, the poor configuration of the Google Analytics account could have limited detailed tracking of data, showing, among other things, where users come from and which channels generate sales. With detailed analytical data, we can closely monitor user behaviour, making it possible to optimize campaign settings.


Is this the season for your products?

If you sell garden pots, do not expect to have impressive sales of such products in December. Please pay attention to different occasions every quarter and tailor your offer to this by communicating it in ads.


Does the competition become more active?

If you operate on smaller advertising budgets and in highly competitive industries, it is worth checking the “auction insights” report on an ongoing basis, which allows you to compare your results with those of other advertisers. This way, you will know if your competitors have strengthened their advertising efforts, making your ads either less visible or completely invisible to potential customers.


What are the current trends in Google Ads campaigns?

Every time Google introduces an advertising novelty, advertisers who do not react immediately are left behind. Google always supports new types of campaigns of which sales are much higher. An example is the appearance of the Performance Max campaign, which dominated PLA campaigns.


Are your ads up-to-date?

You may have noticed that after Black Friday was over, there were still ads on the web about that particular promotion. That is, of course, an example of overspending the budget because an offer that has expired will generate less sales. Users who see such an advertisement may need clarification.


Is the Google Ads campaign set up correctly?

Look for the answer to this question in a misguided bid strategy, poorly matched keywords, or simply too small a daily budget that prevents your ad from showing. There can be many reasons, so it is crucial to approach the campaign professionally from the beginning.


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Why analyze campaign results?


Tomasz Zarychta – Web Analyst & UX Team Manager:

Practical campaign analysis is more than just looking at the sales charts and being satisfied as they go up.

Knowing that different traffic sources have different roles in website traffic is essential. There are sources whose goal will be to attract new users to familiarize themselves with the offer and others that will have the task of convincing these users to finalize the purchase.

In this case, you must first understand the purpose of your advertising. When analyzing the results of the campaign, you need to look broadly. Statistics from your Google Ads account are only complete with data available in Google Analytics, a tool that allows, among other things, conversion tracking and website traffic. It is worth looking at the behaviour of users and eliminating those elements that may contribute to leaving the site.

An online store is like a system of connected vessels. Obtained traffic is only one element of this system, and just as in the case of vessels filled with water, a hole in one vessel causes a drop in the height of the liquid throughout the system. Let’s refer to analytics. In the online store, any shortcoming will cause an outflow of users, which translates into lower conversion rates.

A useful website is one of the fundamental issues when conducting any promotional activities, including Google Ads campaigns. If traffic from your campaign does not bring you e.g. new orders, consider investigating the problem regarding UX activities.


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What to follow when choosing an agency?


Lidia Malcherek – Business Development Representative:

When you launch a campaign yourself, you increase the risk of making mistakes. However, it does not mean that every agency will do it right for you. That’s why you need to deeply consider the decision to cooperate with the agency. Otherwise, your campaign will achieve no results and burn out the extra budget.

When choosing an agency, observe its communication with the client and whether it takes place regularly.

Verify the rules of cooperation with the agency. Ensure which accounts you’ll campaign on and whether you can access them after the contract ends.

When talking about the agreement, remember to check its duration and notice periods. Make sure you know who you will be in contact with, whether reports will be created, how often and what kind of meetings with specialists you can expect and whether additional meetings can be arranged.

Before signing the contract, a helpful practice is visiting the agency’s website and checking previous implementations’ effects.

Remember that good cooperation consists of both parties: the agency and the client. Don’t expect results if you don’t answer questions or report errors on the page that will result in, among other things, non-conversion.




Creating paid ads allows you to gain users, among which there will be new customers. Spending your advertising budget responsibly, without loss, and with an investment in the future.

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